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SageCRM has complete, two-way synchronization with Outlook contacts, calendar (appointments), and tasks, in addition to enhanced e-mail integration. With Outlook integration, you also have the option to access your entire SageCRM contact database from within the standard Outlook interface. Lastly, Outlook integration enables you to synchronize your CRM data to devices such as mobile phones and PDAs that synchronize with Outlook.

With Outlook integration, you can

Use all the features of Outlook entirely from within the SageCRM interface; no more switching from one application to the other.

Bi-directionally synchronize contacts, appointments, and tasks between Outlook and SageCRM.

Perform a one-way export from SageCRM to Microsoft Outlook.

Send e-mail within SageCRM using Outlook and automatically have the e-mail stored in the relevant customer contact history, including attachments.

Easily import e-mail from Outlook into the appropriate customer contact within SageCRM

Choose which contacts and calendar items flow between applications, allowing you to work the way you want.