We don't sell, we solve.

Tasaa has been actively serving Media & Entertainment segment since 1997.  We are aligned with Autodesk, Adobe, The Foundry - Nuke, Corel, Microsoft, EMC, HP, Nvidia, Cebas (Thinking Particels, Final Render), AMD, Wacom, Logic Keyboard, Pixar Renderman, Chaosgroup – Vray, E-on Software – Vue, Mocha Pro.

We have been appointed as sole DVAR for Autodesk Shotgun in Western India.

We are the sole Distributors in India for NewBlueFX – Titling, Effects & Transitions plugin for Video Editors, Motion Graphics & Post Production.

As Consultants, we undertake Turn-key projects for Studio Set-ups.  Our service involves helping you establish your new operation and set up the production pipeline as per nature of your business.

Our customer base includes a broad spectrum of clients from various segments like Architecture, Visualization, Animation, Broadcast, Post Production, Gaming, Educational Institutes & Colleges, Event Management, KPOs and BPOs, Manufacturing, Pharma, Print and Publishing, Ecommerce and Online Retail, BFSI and MNCs/Corporates. 

We offer

Pipeline & workflow design

Workstations, Storage , Tablets ,Peripherals & Renderfarms

Software & Plug-in

Technical Support

Customised Training / Corporate training / handholding on product migration .

Project Management & Review Solutions

Man Power : Suggest Team size and define Roles, Design & Execute Creative/Technical Hiring Process.




Project Management

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