Sage 300 ERP-Item Wise Detail Tax Setting

Sage 300 ERP provides various features of Sales/Purchase Taxes. In country like Brazil and India, the tax structures are very complicated and differ from Item to Item. So how Item wise tax setting on Order entry screen are done in sage 300 ERP are the main aim to write this blog.

The taxes may differ from item to item, so in a retail business, if a user order more than an item and different taxes need to be applied on these different items, there are two ways provided in the Sage 300 ERP to fulfill the requirements.

  1. Manual selection of tax class on the order entry
  2. Item Wise configuration setting

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Manual selection of tax class on the order entry is shown in the following screen shot:


After clicking the highlighted button the screen shot appears:


The highlighted finder button in the above screen can be used for the selection of Tax classes manually.

For Item Wise Configuration Setting, see the following screen shot:


The selection of taxes Item wise, the configuration setting is as follows:

  • Go to IC >>Item Number >> Taxes Tab.
  • The taxes or the tax authorities, which are required for an item, should be selected.
  • Sales tax class should be set as taxable or nontaxable.
  • Save.

The tax authorities are inserted in a tax group while selected on the header part of Order Entry and if the item inserted on the detail lines contains the corresponding tax authorities, The tax class corresponding to the tax authorities for the item is being inserted automatically on the detail line of the corresponding item.
Thus the item wise tax configuration can be done.