Sage 300 ERP-AR Prepayment Entry through Order Entry Screen

Sage 300 ERP provides an important “Prepayment” feature on the Order Entry Screen.

So in this blog we would cover how AR Module gets affected while doing prepayment entry from Order entry screen.

To create AR Prepayment entry from Order entry screen, there is a button “Prepayment…” is provided on the Order entry screen as shown in the following screen shot:


After pressing “Prepayment…” button, an O/E Prepayment screen gets popped up as shown in the following screen shot:


After clicking on the new the button or selecting batch number from finder button of the field “Batch Number” the other fields will be enabled for editing as shown in the following screen shot:


If a user press new button for batch number in OE Prepayments screen, a new batch will be created in AR Batch Entry screen.
Here in this scenario, we are making prepayment to an order number “ORD000000000203” for which one Prepayment Entry with batch number 75 has already been done. So after selecting batch number 75 from finder button, the following fields are not editable:

  1. Deposit Number: user needs to entry deposit number.
  2. Bank Code: bank code such as PRBANK, FBANK etc need to be selected.
  3. Currency: Currency code like INR, USD, CAD etc need to be entered.

The editable fields are as follows:

  1. Batch Number: This AR Receipt batch number.
  2. Batch Date :This is AR Receipt Batch Date.
  3. Payment Code: User needs to select Payment code like Cash, Check, DD etc.
  4. Check Receipt Number : if a user does not make an entry in this field,it is automatically generated as per the check setting.
  5. Receipt Amount: Enter the Receipt amount.

After Clicking “Add” button a new entry is created in the existing AR Receipt batch number 75 while posting the Order number “ORD000000000203” as shown in the following screen shot:



Note: The total prepayments for an order number can also been seen on the total tab of order entry screen: Order entry screen>>Total Tab>> Less total Prepayment.

Conclusion: Thus we have seen how prepayment is done through Order Entry Screen.