How to change caption of workflow rule

Hello Readers! Hope these blog find’s you in good of your health. We all will agree that one of the strongest feature that SAGE CRM has compared to other CRM’s present in the market is its dynamic “Workflow” functionality. Through these blog we would like to explain you how we can change the workflow rule name without deleting the same or making any changes in database.
One of our client wanted to build a customized workflow actions for standard case entity. The action names which they wanted were very large and to many. For example “Need to Contact Doctor for further Treatment” when to tried to create the same rule in crm due to field size limitation it failed to accept such a long caption. So we renamed the rule name to “Need to Cnt Doc for Fur Treatment”. Kindly see below screenshot for your reference.


Which looked meaningless while progressing the workflow. Similarly there were many such workflow rules. So know how we managed to rename the workflow actions as per the client requirements, please follow below mentioned steps.

  1. Logged in to CRM
  2. Navigated to “Administration | Customization | Translations”
  3. Clicked on the “Inline Translation Mode” checkbox.
  4. Navigated to “Administration|Advanced Customization | Workflow | Case Workflow”.
  5. Clicked on the “ * “ mark next to “Need to Cnt Doc for Fur Treatment” rule as shown below.


Then a pop up window gets opened up which is nothing but “Translation” window.
We replaced the existing rule name with the required one as shown below.


Clicked Save.
After performing above steps we unchecked the “Inline Translation Mode” in translation.
Below see below final screen shot with the required rule name.


So, we can also achieve above mentioned requirement by increasing the size of the “Workflow Name” field. But these will take too long, once the field size is increased you need to open the particular rule and change the rule name. What if there are more than 60 rules that you want to change? To achieve these sort of requirements in short span of time than kindly follow above mentioned steps.
Hope you enjoyed reading the blog! Have a nice time ahead.